Location and foundation of Mastana Shah Balochistani Ashram

Mastana Shah Balochistani Ashram is approximately 8 km. far away from a town Kalanwali of Distt. Sirsa in Haryana a state of India, witnessed by us as a beautiful and extremely attractive Ashram located on the Kalanwali-Dabwali road. Its distance from Delhi, The Capital of India, is approximately 300 k.m linked by Odhan-Kalanwali-Dabwali road to the Delhi-Fazilka G.T. Road (Road No. - 10) via Odhan to Kalanwali and next then located at Kalanwali-Dabwali Road at a distance of 8 kms from Kalanwali.
** The prestigious foundation of this Holy, beautiful, extremely attractive and full of spiritual peace Ashram was laid down by Pujya Param Sant Gurbax Singh Ji "Manager Sahib" on February 18, 1966 by Him. And then from here, Pujya Param Sant Manager Sahib started to give spiritual discourses and initiation by the Hukum (Order) of Almighty Lord (Satguru). Now, by the grace and blessings of Pujya Param Sant Manager Sahib there are many Lakhs followers in All over India and foreign countries and the number of followers are increasing gradually in the presence of Present Satguru (Master) Pujya Param Sant Bahadur Chand Ji "Vakil Sahib"
** At that time, this place was just a sandy, desertive, unproductive and away from any sort of drinking water because water of wells was bitter and salty. Here a thatched hut was made in the beginning and then two rooms were added. Later on more land was purchased and thus this Ashram was expended slowly and continuously. Here is a daily routine to construct and pull down on the ground (destroy) the buildings. However, the Holy Ashram is a wonderful, beautiful, peaceful & tranquil big place with all sorts of convenience.