The teachings of true saints tell us to get rid of the vicious cycle of transmigration and to attain salvation through meditation and contemplation when we are gifted with human birth. We are engaged in enjoying bodily pleasures and are killing ourselves with our own hands. This lands us in misery and ailments. We are hurled into the veritable hell and the wheel of transmigration continues endlessly. The saints are fully aware of the conditions of this world and the world hereafter. They are conscious of the deplorable condition which we have to face after death. They take pity upon our miserable plight. They advise us that human birth is most precious and we should benefit by it.

The true saint teaches us that the God is nowhere outside but it is inside our body, and we can discover it through meditating the sacred words (naamdaan) bestowed by the true saint. Instead of the temple and mosques of stones and bricks built with our own hands, we should respect the true temple or mosque (the human body) erected by the lord in which he himself resides.


All the spiritual and true saints advocated searching for the lord within the temple of human body.

Dadu Sahib says:

“The lord is manifest in the temple or mosque of the body. Practice devotion and meditation inside. Why do you wander outside?”

Guru Amar Das ji says:

“The human body is the temple of God.

Within it one finds rubies and pearls,

If one utters the Lord’s Name by the guru’s grace.”

God has created the universe. He is the Lord of all. He does not reside in the manmade temples and mosques. He is inside us and through meditation we can unlock the doors to meet him.


You have seen the external Gurus; now also behold the internal True Guru.
You have seen the external Thakur; now also see the internal True Thakur.
You have seen the external Temples; now also see the internal True Temple.
You have read the external Shastras (holy books); now also read the internal True Shastra.
You have listened to the external Shabds; now also listen to the internal True Shabd (Divine Melody).
You have read the external Bani; now also read the internal True Bani.
You have recited the external Names; now also meditate on the internal True Naam (Word) which is constantly resounding by itself.
You have listened to the external Kirtan (Hymns); now also listen to the internal True Kirtan.
You have gained the external Bookish knowledge; now also acquire the internal True Knowledge.
You have tasted the external Amrit (Nectar); now also drink the internal True Nectar of Immortality.
You have bathed at the external Places of pilgrimage; now also bathe in the internal True Pilgrimage.
You have practiced the external Sectarian worship; now also practice the internal True Worship