How to determine a True Saint?

To Determine the internal status of a True Saint, we can look for following guidelines:

The true sage is the doer (lord) not a beggar.
He provides His selfless services to mankind. He provides His teachings free of cost and does not charge any fee against this.
He does not do anything depending upon the world. . He has full faith in God (lord). The Lord provides Him that treasure which by spending does not finish and the thieves cannot steal it.
He is the lord of the highest order (character). He is free from the bondage of Indrias. His mind is quiet and stable and he is free from the worldly desires, ie. Lust, anger, greed, attachment and vanity.
inspite of all powerful, He is full of politeness & courtesy and always remain a humble servant to everybody. He remains ignorant inspite of knowing everything and dwells in this world like a innocent and humble person.
He speaks little, Always speaks the truth and talks politely and touches everybody’s heart. He never has any ill-will feelings, jealousy or enmity for anyone.
He has a radiant form which is the provider of (become a source) happiness for others.
The light of His eyes attracts everyone, the compassion and humility comes out of it.
He is the treasure of love and his body is full with the fragrance of spirituality the tides of spiritual love sprouts out of it. Even the impure eyes & the dirty heart gets a blissful feeling after taking the glimpse of His Lord who is the most loving & most attractive.
His Satsang (Preachings) is full of facts &logic and touches everybody’s heart and most of the initiated souls gets the answers of their querries and this way it removes all their doubts.
He thinks & treats equal all the castes & creed . He observes God (lord) in everyone. Without making any discrimination. He delivers a common lecture (preachings ) for everyone.
He observes every body equally whether he is a child, an old person, a young man, either he is rich or poor, Healthy or sick, Beautiful or ugly.
His teachings are very simple, which is not the out come of (Yield) of any thought or imagination. What so ever He says, He never says anything read out or hearsay, He says and sticks to what He observes with His eyes.
He never gets angry with anybody and He doesn’t speak with anger. If sometime He shows His anger then that is meant for others benevolence.
He never call Himself Guru and He never says to pray (Adore) Him. His teachings is based on light and sound current (Surat – Shabd).
He never takes any offerings or wishes anybody to pray Him or touch His feets. Rather He wishes others (Satsangis) to visualize your God within. Your True Saint, Your True Guru, Thakur, True pilgrimage and the True epic dwells in your body itself.