What is Truth?

Generally, it is believed that to speak the truth; to describe things exactly as they are, and not to tamper with facts is called ‘Truth’ which is an element of good attributes.

Guru Nanak Sahib says:

“O man; fear departs by meeting the true one.”

To speak the Truth is a precondition to realize the truth in the higher spiritual regions. But the truth which the saints have been advocating refers to the supreme power which is unchangeable permanency. That truth or Supreme Power existed before the creation of the universe, it exists unchanged since then, and it shall exist unchanged for all times to come. That Supreme Power alone is working everywhere including all the particles on this earth.

Guru Nanak Sahib says:

“True before the beginning, true in the beginning of the ages.

True He is even now and true He shall be forever, O Nanak.”

The Param Sants here used the word “Truth” for the True Lord who is the creator of the entire Universe and sustains all.

Guru Nanak Sahib says:

“True is the creator, True is the came,

True is the Lord, True is his Support.”

Where is the Truth?

Everything within the jurisdiction of Triloki i.e. three worlds of Pinda, Anda, and Brahmands  within the regime of Triloki Nath (Lords of three worlds) appear and disappear in the process of dissolution and grand dissolution. The Truth which the saints advocate is found beyond the limits of three worlds and is revealed in the higher spiritual regions where the soul is cleansed of all its impurities after bathing in the true pool of Nectar (Mansarovar).

The Manifestation of Truth, Satguru, True Lord, Shabad (Word) or Naam is the true bargain. This bargain is struck inside the temple of the human body. The art of striking the True Bargain is learnt from a spiritual Master who has revealed the Truth in his ownself.

Param Sant Mastana Shah Balochistani  defined “Sacha Sauda (True Bargain)” in two words. He used to say that over all the Khands and Brahmands , only two beings are true; One is Atma (Soul) and the other is Ram (God) or one is Surat and the other is Shabad. The union of the soul with God or Surat with Shabad is the True Bargain.