True Saints

The soul is immersed in every pore and cell of the body and it has become one with the body. It has got entangled in the vile diseases of attachment (moh) and illusion (maya). In order to awaken the soul, it is necessary to give the injection of shabad or holy word to it which is contained in the body itself so that the secret thing which is hidden inside the body becomes manifest. The injection of shabad or word can be given only by a “True Master” (satguru). He alone is the competent doctor to initiate the soul.

No one except the true Guru can rescue the soul from his clutches. Even the great rishis and munis, sages and seers, gods and goddesses are working under the negative power (kal) as his humble and faithful servants.

Guru Nanak Sahib Says:

“How without the Guru, can one be released from the three

Prominances and find Peace and Equipose?”

We have assumed the physical body. Naturally, we can learn something only from a human being. It is because of this reason that the satguru has to appear in the gross (asthool) form like us, and he has to come to this material world in the guise of a saint in order to guide us. He lives among us and inculcates love and affection in us for the Lord. He delivers the Divine message of reaching our native home. He also encourages us to go back to our original home in True Region (sachkhand). He shows the right path to those whom he deems fit and deserving. Somehow, he manages to delivers the message of his arrival into this world to those who are earnestly seeking for the God. It is immaterial whether the seekers are near or far away from him. He does not involve in any sort of propaganda or advertisement.

When through the practice of repetition (simran) of the Holy name Imparted by a True Master, the soul currents gather at the point situated behind the eyes and between the two eye-brows, then the Satguru appears in subtle and radiant form of a Saint.